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Jack Ziegler

Jack Ziegler (1942-2017) was a cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine for more than thirty years. During his lifetime he produced over 24,000 cartoons, and sold over 3,000, mostly to the New Yorker.  His cartoons have appeared in Playboy, Esquire, Barron’s, and The National Lampoon, and eight collections of his work including “Olive or Twist,” “How’s the Squid?” and “You Had Me At Bow Wow.”  A biographical compilation, "The Essential Jack Ziegler", was written by his former editor at The New Yorker, Lee Lorenz, who said of Ziegler’s work, “(He) expanded the notion of what a cartoon could be, seamlessly blending the conventions of the traditional gag panel with those of the comic strip.  In doing so, he prepared the way for a new generation of comic artists…”  The majority of his published work, as well as personal papers, are housed at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at Ohio State University.
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