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Felipe Galindo/Feggo

Felipe Galindo (aka Feggo) creates humorous art in a variety of media, including cartoons, illustrations, animations, fine art and public art. He is also an arts educator for the School of Visual Arts, The Hispanic Society of America and Poets House.
Born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, now a US citizen, resides in New York City. He earned a BFA in Visual Arts from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
His humorous drawings have appeared in numerous publications, including The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Nation, The Wall Street Journal, Nickelodeon, Reader’s Digest, Mad, Narrative, International Herald Tribune, Newsday,, etc. and numerous European publications (Private Eye, The Spectator, Prospect, Oldie, Haüser, Ode.) His short animations “Feggorama” were shown on MTV’s Liquid Television program and his animation “Manhattan Chronicles won the San Antonio FilmFestival Award and screened at SXSW.
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