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What Seems to be the Problem?

Lee Lorenz

Sometimes the problem isn't all that obvious!  Hysterical hand-drawn cartoon by Lee Lorenz published in the New Yorker on May 23, 2011 with the caption, "So- what seems to be the problem?"  

Lee Lorenz knew a thing or two about cartoons -- he published more than 1,800 in the New Yorker during his lifetime and served as the magazine's Art Editor from 1973 - 1993, and then its Cartoon Editor from 1993 till his retirement in 1997. 

Ink and ink wash on 11" x 14" heavy stock paper (like Bristol).  Some white-out visible along the outline of cats.  New Yorker production sticker on the reverse side.  Excellent condition. 

Original Lee Lorenz cartoon art is very difficult to come by.  This is a great investment for the Psych professional or cartoon collector.

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