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Non-Smoking, Pro-Choice ...

Robert Weber

A charming play on restaurant seating sections in this original hand-drawn cartoon by Robert Weber published in the New Yorker on December 10, 1990.  Some great detail as well, particularly in the Maître d's suit.  Weber reveals his politics a bit with the caption:  "Non-smoking, pro-choice, beginning to question our military presence in the Persian Gulf, and not too near the kitchen, please."

Charcoal pencil on card stock.  The speaking restaurant patron's head appears to be a paste-up.  Minor white out visible throughout the drawing.  This piece, along with the hand-written caption, is matted and framed in a simple dark wood frame measuring 14.75" x 16.25".  The visible image is 10" x 11.5".  Excellent condition.  Sold in frame.

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