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Non-Compete Clause

Marisa Acocella

A racy proclamation to her would-be suitor who has breasts larger than hers!  An alternate caption submission to the New Yorker (ultimately rejected) used the word "tits" instead of breasts.  Which version was funnier?

Marisa Acocella excels in finding humor (frequently from the female perspective) in relationships, fashion, and society, and her illustrations often show the dramatic flair of couture design sketches.  This original cartoon was published in the New Yorker on June 12, 2000. 

Ink and ink wash on 11" x 13.5" Bristol paper.  The cartoon contains both (alternate) captions at the foot of the drawing with the handwritten inquiry by the artist, "funnier?"  The paper is taped to a heavy cardboard backing, but the tape does not interfere with the illustration or caption(s).  Tear sheet and New Yorker production sticker are affixed to a protective cardboard cover.  Excellent condition.

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