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Macy's Ad - Ship Comes In Late

Gregory d'Alessio

Enjoy some advertising history with this original drawing by New Yorker cartoonist Gregory d'Alessio for a 1938 ad campaign for retail giant, Macy's, then operating just a handful of stores, including its flagship at Herald Square in New York City.   The caption "If your ship comes in late, be calm, sit tight, Macy's is open 'til nine tonight" advertised Macy's late hours, likely in connection with the holiday shopping season.  Unfortunately, this particular ad does not seem to have run in the New Yorker magazine. 

This drawing (as well as 11 others also available on Curated Cartoons) is a terrific example of d'Alessio's signature unfinished style.  Pencil, and what appears to be ink wash or gray watercolor on 8.5" x 11" drawing paper, then tipped down along with the caption (typed on a separate strip of paper) onto 9" x 12.75" watercolor paper.  (See second image).

The age of the piece gives it a wonderful patina look.  Some watercolor streaking across the face of the drawing and minor glue residue along the edges of the paper and caption.  Overall, very good quality.  If you're interested in picking up more than one of these, call us and we'll cut a deal.  And if you like this piece, be sure to check out Richard Decker's ads for the Philadelphia Bulletin, also in our gallery.

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