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Funny Little Laugh (Rough)

Mort Gerberg

Charming cartoon on the transitions of marriage by Mort Gerberg.  Mort is one of the most prolific cartoonists in the world; his work for the New Yorker spans more than 55 years.

This is an unpublished "rough" or preliminary draft of a cartoon that was ultimately published in the New Yorker on April 22, 1996 with the caption, "You used to have a funny little laugh, Marshall. What happened to your funny little laugh?"

Ink, ink wash, and white out on 11" x 14" heavy card stock.  The heads of both the lady and the gentleman are replacement drawings that were cut out and pasted onto the original.  Minor ripple to the page from ink wash application.  Overall, excellent condition.

(Available for sale separately is the final published version of this piece; see our "Published Hand Drawn" or "Mort Gerberg" gallery). 

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