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Dropping You Off

Eldon Dedini

A hand-painted cartoon by Eldon Dedini featuring a couple flying through the clouds; a cow playing the fiddle floats in the background.  A strikingly similar cartoon was published in the New Yorker on May 16, 1988 with the caption "I don't love you anymore, Lucille, and I'm dropping you off at your mother's house."

Given the extremely polished condition of this piece, we believe it was more likely a re-creation of the actual published cartoon rather than an earlier draft of it, but that truth is lost to time.  Either way, an absolute gem.

Acrylic on 15" x 18" d'Arches satine paper (the image measures approximately 10" x 13"). Minor smudges or staining around the edges of the artwork, but overall very good condition.

Dedini's work is extremely rare as most of it was donated to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum in Ohio shortly before his passing in 2006.  This piece comes from the private collection of Eldon Dedini's son. 

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