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Dog Birthday Cards

Leo Cullum

Here's a charming cartoon by Leo Collum for dog-lovers everywhere.  Leo was a giant among New Yorker cartoonists, publishing 819 cartoons in the magazine from 1977 to the time of his untimely death in 2010, many of which delved into the personification of animals.  This piece was published in the New Yorker on December 7, 1992, and was also featured in Leo's cartoon compilation book, "Scotch & Toilet Water."

Sharpie pen and black ink wash on 11" x 14" Bristol Board.  The entire piece is protected by a brown paper overlay with a tear sheet from the magazine.  New Yorker copyright sticker and artist's stamp on the reverse side along with a few production notes.  Excellent condition.

Leo Cullum's original New Yorker work is extremely rare.  This piece derives from the private collection of his family.


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