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Boomerang Fetch (3-panel)

John O'Brien

Rare, three panel original cartoon art by John O'Brien published in New Yorker Magazine on September 14, 1992.  Pen and ink on 11.5" x 14.5" Strathmore 500 Bristol Board. Drawing is approximately 8.5"x 10". Excellent Condition, pencil production marks outside drawing borders.

John has a very unique and recognizable style, and has described his process in this way: 

"I’m definitely a doodle-firster, as I’m very much a visual person, and my cartoons are mostly captionless. I begin with an inkling of something on paper. It could be a common image, an inanimate object, a visual pun, a cliché, or whatever. I move from one thumbnail sketch to another, adding and subtracting elements, until it morphs into something, often totally different from my original concept, that I think is funny and worthy of submission."

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