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We signed Tom Toro and Peter Steiner!

We're very excited to announce that two wonderful New Yorker cartoonists recently signed on with Curated Cartoons -- Tom Toro and Peter Steiner. 

Tom is an award-winning author, cartoonist, and illustrator.  His work has appeared in the New Yorker for over a decade.  He is the current chair of the Northwest Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society and he lectures internationally about cartoon art, including at Columbia University and the Day of Knowledge in Mexico City.  Tom has consigned some beautiful cartoon art to us and has also agreed to serve as an authenticator for older pieces we acquire on the open market.

Peter is a prolific cartoonist, most notable for his work in the New Yorker where he's published since 1979.  Peter created one of the most famous cartoons ever -- featuring two dogs looking over a computer with the caption, "On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog".  Although the original art for that cartoon is long gone, Peter has drawn a re-creation for our clientele.  Don't delay in purchasing this baby; it won't last long!

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